ESOF AppSec: A Comprehensive Application Security Solution 

ESOF AppSec is an advanced application security solution offered by TAC Security, a trusted provider of enterprise security solutions. This blog post will explore the features and benefits of ESOF AppSec, highlighting its capabilities in detecting and protecting web and app assets from vulnerabilities. 

Unified Vulnerability Management: 

ESOF AppSec provides a unified vulnerability management solution, leveraging the power of the ESOF Cloud Platform. It employs advanced technologies to perform comprehensive scans, including Black Box and Grey Box Testing, to deliver accurate test results for applications. 

Intelligence-Powered Scanning: 

The software incorporates cyber threat intelligence, enabling deep scans that provide detailed information about web, mobile, and API vulnerabilities. It also includes malware discovery capabilities, ensuring comprehensive protection against potential threats. 

Coverage of OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25 Vulnerabilities: 

ESOF AppSec validates application vulnerabilities based on industry standards like OWASP and SANS. It automatically detects, scans, patches, and rescans vulnerabilities within the platform, ensuring the ongoing protection of application systems. 

Embedded Security in SDLC: 

With ESOF AppSec, security is embedded throughout the Agile or DevSecOps lifecycle. It facilitates penetration tests for applications, helping identify and eliminate flaws, thus safeguarding every endpoint that can pose a risk to the IT network. 

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