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You cannot implement a security strategy if you don’t know what vulnerabilities exist in your IT assets. Vulnerability management is a foundational control in most security frameworks. Yet it remains one of the most labor-intensive efforts for security teams. 

With new emerging vulnerabilities, everyone knows how essential security is for an organization. A simple glance at the news provides information on the worldwide data breach. Security is widespread and mainstream, but security teams struggle to keep pace with the threat landscape. 

An organization’s security infrastructure regularly requires updates on emerging threats through vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. To attain sustainable security infrastructure, you must invest in a security platform, product, or service. Hence, transforming a one-time occurrence of security into a lifecycle assists in generating security returns.

Why does the security team need to do more in 2023?

Security teams are working hard to do more if they rely on legacy platforms and do lots of manual work to review CVSS data and determine priorities. However, they fail to realize that prioritizing vulnerabilities based solely on CVSS is a less than effective method, meaning security teams efficiency and valuable time is spent on harmless vulnerabilities. 

ESOF VMDR helps the security team reduce risks by auto-prioritization and discovering the critical vulnerabilities that drive risk. Make your team more effective and efficient with VMDR.

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your security team by switching to ESOF VMDR

Enterprise Security in One Framework for Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response(ESOF VMDR) is built with auto-remediate and auto-prioritizing vulnerabilities. Setting up security measures from the start will ensure that your enterprise will be resilient to malicious attacks. TAC’s ESOF allows forward-looking organizations to analyze each asset’s vulnerability in their IT infrastructure, having additional features like :

  • Rapidly reduces critical vulnerabilities by auto-prioritization and auto-remediation.
  • Cyber Score: Improve cross-organization communication
  • Find everything on your network automation of asset inventory.
  • Trigger and integrate remediation workflows.
  • Get to know your OWASP and SANS vulnerabilities
  • One-click notification to know if your asset has zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Protect all the downloaded files in real-time within an organization’s IT infrastructure.

TAC Security’s ESOF VMDR helps reduce vulnerabilities, threats, and risks in your entire IT Stack. End-to-end capabilities make your team more effective and efficient as it also prevents assets from being affected by malicious activities. Enterprises deploying VM solutions must take protective measures to reduce risks and vulnerabilities.

Download ESOF VMDR Data Sheet for more details

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