Why the Digital Education Industry Must Focus on Cyber Security

“With remote learning becoming the norm, educational possibilities have opened like never before. The abilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning, visual effects, and more make education more informative and interesting. Students can grasp concepts, do research, conduct experiments and learn things in ways that go beyond the constraints of a book or limited information guide.”

Source: Forbes – Trishneet Arora, Forbes Technology Council Member

With all the rich opportunities that come from virtual education, there are more cybersecurity risks.

The Security Challenges in eLearning Apps & Web Applications

Getting hacked is a terrible experience and taking the right steps instantly is stressful. Cybersecurity is the most common challenge for the education industry. Many popular e-learning platforms are victims of this challenge. Account breaches, confidential user data, server crashes are the common issues. Thousands of passwords are hacked per second. The dark web is full of hacked credentials and the numbers are increasing every day. 

Most of the software companies follow the security checklist during the development of eLearning platforms/products. But now is the time to play smart to tackle cybersecurity challenges.

We have prepared this list of the most challenging security concerns that every e-learning platform must be careful to prevent cyber threats.

  1. Web App Security Loopholes
  2. Network & Infrastructure Security Issues
  3. Vulnerabilities in Web & Apps
  4. Account Breaches
  5. Data Manipulation
  6. Issues in Access Control Rules

Some organizations with IT assets are vulnerable to different types of cyber threats. Cybersecurity practitioners like need to recognize these possible threats before it affects the company’s connected systems, applications, web, apps, and network & infrastructures.

Precautions are better than regret! Not caring about cyber issues can make you the next news sensation target for a data breach. Hence, choose the most advanced next-generation cybersecurity & vulnerability management tool to knows the unknown loopholes in your web & apps. 

Vulnerability management is the process of identifying web applications, mobile applications, and software vulnerabilities, assessing and taking appropriate measures to mitigate the cyber risks associated with them. It is a proactive approach to handling cybersecurity risk by identifying the weakness in coding that could compromise the security at any end. Management of vulnerability requires multiple steps like Scanning, Prioritizing, and Remediating. 

Due to the amount of high-value data collected and stored in their servers, education industry will remain on top to hackers’ target. Data are like e-Learning app credentials, certificates, students and teacher’s details, medical records, financial data, biometrics, etc. give cybercriminals gives big reason to access educational databases and sell this data on the dark web market. It’s up to security leaders to select the right cybersecurity & vulnerability management solution to protect education and infrastructure from cyber-attacks.

How ESOF can help the education industry to tackle vulnerabilities?

TAC Security provides Enterprise Security in One Framework (ESOF) Vulnerability Management Platform (VMP). VMP takes risk-based vulnerability management to the next level by identifying, prioritizing, safely exploiting, and helping to remediate. ESOF VMP provides an aggregate meter of risk that incorporates data from the widest view of organization vulnerabilities. Machine learning and remediation playbooks help prioritize the risk of the business and give you an accurate cyber risk score. Its intuitive reporting and analytics provide organizations the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness to secure the applications that power their business.

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