Can you trace the history of your Vulnerabilities and see the currently open ones?

Daily addition of new vulnerabilities and re-opening of critical ones requires an organization to keep a constant track for the data safety. The data security teams need to determine which vulnerabilities are likely to be exploited by hackers and efficiently remediate those vulnerabilities on priority. This helps to regulate the team efficiency by patching all the vulnerabilities well before the deadline. But keeping a track on the history of reported vulnerabilities is a difficult task and the data security teams need to use certain Vulnerability Management tools to pin point the vulnerabilities with accuracy.

(ESOF by TAC Security Vulnerability Management – History Trend)

ESOF platform allows the user to view the history of open vulnerabilities reported in the past in the form of graphs for Infra, web and mobile applications. The graphs display information with color coded lines which represent the severity type on monthly basis. This helps the CISOs to regulate the teams working on the projects and keep a track on the open vulnerabilities and check their performance as well.

Pain Points:

  1. Lack in review of a company’s past re-opened vulnerabilities leads to increased cyber-attacks.
  2. Lack in monitoring of regular patching and re-opening of vulnerabilities makes an organization prone to cyber-attacks.
  3. With new scans added every now and then, it is hard to keep a track on the new open vulnerabilities along with the open vulnerabilities in the past.
  4. Lack in reporting of Vulnerabilities in the past and present gives an improper idea of the organization’s cyber security posture.

Value Points:

  1. With the review of previous vulnerabilities, the organization can establish a good hold on the future projects.
  2. Graphs display information on a monthly basis which provide a better understanding.
  3. Helps the CISOs keep a track of the new and open vulnerabilities with severity levels.
  4. Gives a proper remark in the history of an organization’s open vulnerability trend and future projects.
  5. Easier comparison of projects from past to present.

Monitor your vulnerabilities with the Next – Gen Vulnerability Management Tool – ESOF.

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