Being best at your job and integrating yourself are the qualities of Leadership.- Actor, Ranvijay Singh Singha

Ranvijay Singh Singha, an actor, VJ, and investor, joined us for a Fireside chat at the Annual Town Hall 2022. We chose to understand what leadership is from a non-corporate perspective, and here’s what he had to say, “Being the best at your Job and Integrating yourself completely during the task are the qualities of a leader. 

He talked about mainly who are leaders and what their role is.?

By continuing his speech on leadership, he says that the person should be good at his job. And when it comes to the CEO, you have to recognize the leadership qualities within you. The leader must be around the people, study them and integrate himself.

“One must realize what they are good at and being a leader, how they can motivate their team, recognize what your team is good at, and how you’ll keep them together,” said Ranvijay.

 When something goes wrong, a person’s actions state whether they are a good leader or not. A crisis gives everybody a chance to be superior in any condition.

Ranvijay about CEO, Trishneet: Trishneet is on the top because he is doing what he does well. And he is achieving his goals because he is getting the right people for the right job. So as per him, the leader is now involved in people’s lives, more than just doing the jobs, now they are responsible for other people doing their jobs.

He concluded the conversation by saying, “That working is okay, but if you’re not enjoying your life with your loved ones, you are not living it. So, therefore, being a cybersecurity company, you guys have a great future ahead as security is a major concern nowadays. So, all I can say is do your job perfectly, enjoy your life to the fullest on the weekends, and take little time for yourself.”

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