82% of the Businesses yet use more than one tool for Risk and Vulnerability Management: TAC Security Survey

(From left to right) – Lt. General Iqbal Singh Singha (Director of Global and Govt. Affairs, TAC Security), Lt. General Rajesh Pant (National Cyber Security Coordinator of India), and Trishneet Arora (Founder and CEO, TAC Security) in New Delhi

TAC Security shares how 68% of the organizations are dissatisfied with the amount of time it takes for remediation of vulnerabilities discovered in the system.

Mumbai, India:  TAC Security, A Silicon Valley-based Cyber-Security company, hosted an invite-only survey in early 2022 with 100+ Security Leaders from various industries including Fortune 500s, Large Enterprises, and Governments across the Globe which led to a staggering discovery about the requirements of the industry to keep up with the ever-evolving needs of cybersecurity. The Survey was recently launched by the National CyberSecurity Coordinator, Lt. General Rajesh Pant in New Delhi.

The Survey at length shares an insight on the methods used for Finding Vulnerabilities, Analysing Vulnerabilities and Managing Vulnerabilities, and Communicating Risk across various organizations. It also shows the security leaders understanding for a better cyber security process but is unable to upgrade due to various possible factors.

It also reflects how 56% of the organizations have to go through the lengthy processes and extreme hard work in order to maintain their current cybersecurity levels and yet have absolutely no insights or status when asked by the Management of the same.

“The survey highlights how the CISOs have a multitude of problems and gaps in their process. While they are aware of the same, they either lack resources or products that can build the bridge. The survey also establishes the urgent need to have multiple abilities to improve the cybersecurity infrastructure of the organization. Survey also allowed us to deep dive into the pain points of the security leaders to work towards bridging the gap in the industry” Said, Trishneet Arora, Founder and CEO.

“The goal is to understand the problems and challenges faced by the security practitioners every day across the globe to help us share the knowledge across the industry and understand their needs while evolving ourselves and the products.” Said, Chris Fisher, Chief Marketing Officer.

“We are constantly fighting cyber viruses that keep evolving every day across the globe. It is important to understand the severity and abilities of each organization to ensure the best levels of cybersecurity. According to our report, 88% of the organizations report their security levels manually which is an elaborate process, making it a less frequent activity. A potential loophole in being cybersafe. This all can be combated with state-of-the-art cybersecurity products available in market, much like our ESOF.”  Lt. Gen Singha, Director of Global and Govt. Affairs

According to the Foreword shared by Honourable Lt. General Rajesh Pant, National Cyber Security Coordinator of India, India ranks 10th in the Global Cybersecurity Index [GCI] for 2020. However, based on the past few years’ performances, the country is witnessing consistent growth leading to improvement in the GCI ranking. It is encouraging to see CISOS increasingly research, find gaps and improve their cybersecurity process, emphasizing on cyber hygiene and a smooth process of risk and vulnerability management.

The survey also reflected how cybersecurity is a boardroom conversation, despite which ensuring all the members from the management are onboard is a herculean task. It also reflected how the alignment among the different walks of the organization can be easier with managing everything on a single platform.

TAC Security aims to host the survey every quarter to share more insights about the industry to not only the people in it but to the general mass to help them understand the need, requirements, and gaps, better, regardless of their organization size.

About TAC Security

TAC Security headquartered in San Francisco is a global leader in Vulnerability Management that protects Fortune 500 companies, leading enterprises, and governments around the world. TAC Security manages 5+ Million vulnerabilities through its Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Vulnerability Management Platform ESOF (Enterprise Security in One Framework). TAC Security has established strategic partnerships with leading cloud providers and managed service providers and consulting organizations including Tech Mahindra, IBM, KDDI Japan, and distributors including Dataguard Technologies LLC and Ingram Micro. For more information, visit here.

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