Why vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are essential to Your Security Strategy?

Vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a process used to identify faults in the network, system, applications, etc. 

Vulnerability Assessment(VA) initially detects, scrutinizes, and reveals known vulnerabilities. Also, it develops a report detailing vulnerability classification and priority.

Apart from this, Penetration Testing (PT) scouts exploit vulnerabilities to recognize the level of entrance by assessing the level of defense. VA is like evaluating and examining a door to determine if it has any flaws. Mainly VA is generally automated, but security experts usually do a PT.

Objective of VAPT

The tools, strategies, and processes hackers use to breach networks are continually improving, so it’s essential to evaluate your organization’s cyber security regularly. 

ESOF VAPT assists your organization in its security by identifying security flaws and suggesting ways to resolve them. As organizations strive to comply with GDPR, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS, VAPT becomes increasingly essential.

What are the results of VAPT?

Implementation of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing for described network devices, security devices, apps, servers, websites, and on various systems. Analysis and recommendation on how to rectify the issues.

The following are the results of the VAPT activity:

  • Validation of the essential vulnerability’s discontinuation
  • Double-check that the findings have been closed
  • The first draft of the VAPT report, and after that, a final report.
  • Authentication of compliance.

What are the advantages of VAPT?

  • It gives you a complete assessment of the application.
  • It will help you recognize security flaws that might lead to tragic cyber attacks.
  • VAPT gives you the entire image of the dangers associated with your system and networks.
  • It supports businesses in protecting their data and designs from hazardous invasion
  • Compliance standards entail using VAPT
  • Protects the information of your company and undesired access.
  • It helps you in protecting your data from internal and external catastrophes.

Several types of Penetration Testing

  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Mobile App Penetration Testing
  • API Penetration Testing
  • Cloud Penetration Testing

VAPT should be performed how often?

How often you use VAPT depends on the type of pen testing services the company supplies. That’s why enterprises fail to meet their aims. Hence, they do the tests on a moderate basis every month or once or twice a year.

VAPT testing can be the best testing tool for businesses. It increases security to secure them from cyber-attacks and criminal activity. To achieve worthwhile security benefits, organizations are taking it quite seriously.

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