ESOF is a new generation technology I am excited to build the market- Ian Hess, Security Program Consultant, TAC Security

Ian Hess, Security Program Consultant of TAC Security, joined us virtually at our Annual Town Hall. He shares his journey in the industry so far and how he is excited to build a different market for technology with the edge at TAC Security.

He shares that he has primarily worked in  Silicon Valley, in California, in the customer service department, with a few side trips into sales engineering. And so, he has three major cultural lessons he has seen in these companies. 

Team motivation and building each other up are essential. It is a common myth in Silicon Valley culture that there are 10x coders than other executives. There is about one programmer who can produce ten times as many lines of code as everybody else does. I’ve seen this person also and see us closing many more tickets than anybody else. Team strength doesn’t define your productivity or success.

Why is it that one salesperson somehow always has the answer? This is because the person has invested their time, learnings, and efforts to know the brand inside out.

These people don’t exist in a vacuum; a study in universities reports that people cannot exist without the social support structure and the other talents of their team members. Therefore, an organization needs to have all team members working in synergy to ensure constant growth and success.

He hopes to continue his time here to talk about team and membership, mentorship, and training. He hopes that those can be of value to building cybersecurity’s future together with TAC Security.

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