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Our leaders share the unanimous goal of securing the cyberspace and that makes them unstoppable.

Neha Bains

Lead - Human Resources

Neha Bains is the Lead - Human Resources at TAC Security. Her main role is to align HR strategies with business objectives, building a culturally aligned and diverse organization, talent development and management, and implementing effective HR policies and systems to match the rapid growth rate of the company.

Neha is an expert in enrolment & management skills with a MBA focused in HR & Marketing. A Management consultant with more than 10 years of multi-geography experience in employee engagement, recruiting & human resource. Prior to TAC Security, her career included lucrative stints Audi, Mercedes Benz and PepsiCo. Right of the bat in her career, she was a senior practitioner at IBM.

She has a hands on experience in employee engagement, talent management, rewards, recruiting and HR operations.

Previous Experience - Audi, PepsiCo, Mercedes and IBM

Chris Frisher
Chief Marketing Officer
Akash Joshi
Lead - Security Engineer
"TAC Security will be the Best Cyber Security Company to work with by 2020."

- Neha Bains, Lead - Human Resources

Journey so far...

Neha Bains at company's 6th AGM

Neha Bains on women in cyber security

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