Why is Vulnerability Assessment Important?

With business, IT needs to be constantly evolving. This raises questions about the stability and security of these systems and the data confined in them. We are well aware of the rising concerns of cybercrime which is a global reality that is increasing rapidly.

In view of the threats to which enterprises are exposed and the vulnerabilities present in their facilities, security specialties have to take the appropriate actions to counter attacks and strengthen them.

Vulnerability Assessment is one such action needed that helps to shorten the incident detection time while identifying viable risks and threats that possibly cause harm if not remediated.

Do you know?

-The average cost to recover from a single security incident accounts for nearly $86.5 thousand USD (for SMEs) and for the larger ones, it is estimated to be $816 thousand USD.

-Almost 30% of companies take several days to detect IT security events and only 8% have tools that can generate alerts in the event of this type of eventualities

The longer it takes to notice a leak, the more it will cost a business in terms of investment and recovering information while compromising the brands credibility.

Vulnerability Management and Risk Management are two major operations that are inevitable for an organization and must be constantly executed in relation to any changes or modifications made at the infrastructure level, improvement in procedures and policies, technology implementation, and resource optimizations.

Reasons Why Vulnerability Assessment is the Need of the Hour for a Business’s Asset Security

Vulnerability Scans and Risk Management help comply with the standards established in the ISO 27001 certification. It critically achieves and retains security certifications

-On running Vulnerability Analysis, companies get aware of the risks and threats posed to their entire web network and take steps to justify security countermeasures.

-Such a test scans all the network components of an organization (whether hardware or software), verifies, and determines the weaknesses before they can be possibly exploited by the attackers.

-Implementation of Vulnerability Assessment proves system security to customers, prospects, and stakeholders. It provides assurance to the customers and partners that the data that they have entrusted is highly secure and encrypted to deal with any kinds of threats or malware attacks.

-Incorporating Vulnerability Assessment tools can help IT professionals evaluate and cross-check the performance of the third-party service providers on whom you rely for some services like storage, backup, systems administration, etc.   

-Corresponding to the figures mentioned above, a vulnerability test can save time and stop expensive litigations arising from data breaches as a security breach can hit a company on many fronts were the recovery of the loss is unendurable.

-Vulnerability and Risk Management once deployed into an IT infrastructure keeps a constant check on the security loopholes and allows security teams to apply a comprehensive and heterogeneous approach to identify and resolve vulnerabilities and risks across the entire network.

-Where patching and maintenance fail to solve the issues, vulnerability management covers you up by finding and mitigating the possibilities of issues and renders high benefits via periodic network scans.

Build a Business Benefit Curve & Optimize your Security Expenses!

ESOF ( Enterprise Security in One Framework) is an AI-powered cyber risk management console that accommodates security solutions for modern vulnerabilities.

The console performs every step of the vulnerability analysis and risk management quite well, discovering risks, catching the security loopholes, and remediating the risks found based on priorities.

The product doesn’t need a separate environment to run and check for safe scans and results in zero downtime, keeping your business operations up and running as usual. 

Know your most critical system threats and vulnerable assets via a single platform that simplifies the risk analysis and management process, auto-prioritizing high-risk vulnerabilities, and involving less human intervention.

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