Next-Gen Vulnerability Management-ESOF brief by CMO,Chris Fisher

COVID – 19 has forced us to adjust to a new lifestyle overnight, including our work life. This has changed the future of our businesses and industries completely. Let’s dive into how has COVID impacted the markets in general and more specifically the vulnerability management market that TAC Security caters too.

COVID – 19 has resulted in a rapid decline on IT spends, companies no longer invest in IT devices, data centers or network components. Though companies continue spending on IT Security as the pandemic has created a paradigm shift where companies have to connect with the remote workers and help them to continue doing their jobs from remote locations. Companies are investing in end point security controls, VPNs, applications security, multi-factor authentications to ensure only the authorized people are connecting.

Biggest area of growth continues to be cloud security. Securing assets in the cloud, cloud and web applications has become critically important for organizations. Companies also continue to spend on vulnerability management. Here’s why –

  • 1. Hackers continue to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities as a primary way to gain access to organizations networks. Organizations need to patch the most critical vulnerabilities and exploitable weaknesses.
  • 2. Compliance requirements are here to stay. An element of vulnerability management is requirement in frameworks like PCI, HIPPA, etc.

A modest but continues growth expected in the vulnerability management market as a way to reduce the risk in the organization.

Companies are also scrambling to address the rise of remote workers. Companies will continue the small offices and remote workers pattern as they connect to cloud based applications and assets, even after COVID is under control. This has led to a new question –

“What is the new priority for the CISOs?”

A lot of CISO’s had to stop or postpone their big or important projects due to team alignments and coordination. CISOs are looking for quick reigns i.e quick update on the progress of managing risk of their organization or at least maintaining an acceptable level.

Here are 3 ways TAC Security can add value and help CISO –

  • 1. Companies can continue working with their trusted partners as we can easily integrate them in ESOF helping you get an asset focused inside – out view of your complete IT infrastructure
  • 2. Inside – out view of your applications with ESOF AppSec – we can do this without interrupting their business operations
  • 3. Cyber risk score gives an easy metric to align different business unit teams

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