Next – Gen Vulnerability Management Explained by CEO, Trishneet Arora

The first line of security in cyberspace is your applications. We are in the business of Application Security and Vulnerability Management since 2013 and we help organizations recognize their security weaknesses in their IT security posture. While helping them we recognized 3 common problems across the globe. Those are –

CISO’s are not able to invest enough time in reading very long reports – some probably longer than the history of Application Security itself.

False Positives – The time invested by the teams in solving issues in regards with the false positive reports of their vulnerability assessment, hampers them from taking quick action

Another major problem today is, alignment of teams internally – It is difficult to have multiple run downs of the reports with various teams to improve the security posture quickly.

This is where our flagship product Enterprise Security in One Framework (ESOF) comes in. ESOF helps you asses the vulnerabilities of your applications, network, API or Source code review. We not only help you find the vulnerabilities but also help you mitigate them till the last one is patched. This helps in saving time and using the resources efficiently across the organizations regardless of their size giving them opportunities to focus on the important bits.

A major benefit of ESOF for our customer is the ESOF score, that ranges from 0 to 10 and is generated based on the severity and the number of vulnerabilities found in your applications. This helps CISO’s respond to “How secure is the organizations applications, infrastructure or devices?” easily when asked by other business units or the management of the organization, justifying spending billions of dollars on cyber security.

We manage 5million+ vulnerabilities for Fortune 500 companies, large enterprises and governments globally. Hence, we not only help you figure your vulnerabilities and mitigate them, but also give you a deep dive insight into your complete structure like no other cyber security company.

Therefore, get ready to Measure. Prioritize and Predict how safe their IT stack is like never before with ESOF AppSec.

Try Next-Generation Vulnerability Management Tool ESOF AppSec Today!

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