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Mobile Applications

Mobile application security testing with a combination of dynamic and static, automated scanning as well as manual mobile application layer penetration testing to provide complete mobile application security coverage across the entire DevOps life cycle. Mobile application penetration testing includes architectural analysis and testing between the client and server.

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Web Applications

ESOF AppSec platform rapidly and accurately finds vulnerabilities in your websites and web applications. The continues scanning allows to check the vulnerabilities in your web app as it evolves. Also, it can safely scan on your production server without the need of a separate environment (If not available) that saves time and cost without zero downtime. During the manual penetration testing TAC Security engineers ensures to identify Business Logic Flaw which helps to reduce the risk of your business.

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Accumulating the Scope of Information

On initiation of the project, end goal with the road map is collected from the client. This includes URLs, IP addresses, authentication accesses and list of red zones in the application that do not have to be accessed.

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Review Rules of Arrangement

In this we have a quick conversation with the client to understand the targets, answer any questions they may have, discuss timelines, understand limitations and restrictions, etc. related to the project.

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Mitigation Easier and Quicker

Threat modelling is important part of the process. It allows one to identify the possible threats and attacks to the vulnerabilities found to make the mitigation easier and quicker.

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Vulnerability Inspection

We then strive to discover all the vulnerabilities in the assets that are in scope. We evaluate in detail the attack surface of the assigned assets by automated and manual testing.

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Analyse the Infrastructure

This involves finding out the risk and attack possibilities of all the vulnerabilities found in the previous step. This gives an idea as to all the possible vulnerabilities, mitigation it has in place, discovering false positive and more to ensure a comprehensive information report for the client.

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High Value Targets and More

Once the exploitation process is over, we continue to analyze the infrastructure to guide them about their sensitive data security levels, High value targets and more. This helps in prioritizing the vulnerabilities while reporting.

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Though the process does not end here, we formally document all the data with the findings. The reports will include information for different levels that will help the teams/person in charge take quicker remediation steps.

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Once the vulnerability is patched, the client can reach out to us to test out the exploitation again. We then test the vulnerability we found and also try new possible ways.

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Score Card

A score is generated based on the severity and the quantity of vulnerabilities found in your applications.

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"While penetration testing for one of the largest telecom providers globally, we could recharge for $200 by paying just $2 using Business Logic Flaw. This helped the team to mitigate before it was used adversely."

- Security Engineer, TAC Security

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Vulnerability Assessment

Business logic flaws

A data breach this big could lead to a complete exposure of data and reputation of the business. The three types of impact of such breaches are Elevation of Privilege, Root Access and Information Disclosure.

Often applications may use caches for improving communications and performing important tasks. A cache maintains passwords, financial data, connecting pages and more to minimize the effort it takes, this gives the attacks an unprecedented access to required data.

Various web URL’s allow users to upload files and these may pose as a potential threat if not managed correctly. Using this vulnerability an attacker may be able to steal, or modify, or delete all confidential data.

If an attacker gets the access of an authorized or privileged user without the authentication process, it could allow attacker to penetrate unprivileged access to modify the information.

This could enable you to automatically download and update the sites interface translation. It doesn't sufficiently protect the stored files.

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