Amazing Culture, World Class Solution, Communication – Chris Fisher, Chief Marketing Officer

TAC Security, Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Fisher, thanked the TAC Security members and leaders for the amazing work culture they have created across the globe without whom our state-of-the art product wont exist. 

The top-notch products are a  part of our brand experience and provides the customers with security, risk management, and compliance solutions that they require to improve their cybersecurity levels. 

The company has a great culture, tremendous potential and are poised for growth. As a reminder to everybody, a customer’s experience with the brand is every touchpoint they interact with. It could be a phone call; it could be a visit to the website, how they use the products every day, or getting support for their products.

It’s competitive in the marketplace, and it will push us to grow better and faster. The products TAC Security offers today, is already a platform that provides the customers with visibility through the intuitive dashboards. The scoring gives them an automation to collect their inventory, assess vulnerabilities and threats, and provide remediation and prioritization. 

The Third is communication. TAC Security allows the customers to communicate throughout the organization to learn about cyber risk, or it’s not just a score. It’s a communication tool that helps a CSO and their team tell anybody in the company how well or how poorly they’re doing in security and what they need to fix. 

He further said, TAC Security is poised for rapid growth, around the world and ready to grow. We have the products, building our team every day. 

In marketing, we are starting to ramp up our programs for awareness to make sure everybody knows TAC security across the globe. We have a great strategy and have great products.

He leaves everyone  with this one thought and returns to TAC Security’s culture. There’s an old saying that “culture eats strategy for breakfast. Therefore, when culture and design come together, TAC  Security will be successful.

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