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ESOF-DarkSec assess the risk of your organization’s data of their employees, management, customer or financial information available in the dark web on real time basis.

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Know risk and gaps in the deeply, before your critical information is used adversely.

An organization’s critical information i.e emails, passwords, website customer data, Intellectual Properties etc., can all be easily traced on the deeper web. An organization can access their breached data available on Dark Web in real time basis with the ESOF Dark Sec. By monitoring through DarkSec you can protect the breached data related to your company or any person connected, while ensuring to stop a potentially defaming and huge cost bearing breach.

Data breaches overall, set companies back by approximately $4 million, on an average. The Black hat hackers don’t care if they hurt an organization or its reputation, as the stolen data becomes their revenue source on the Dark Web—but you on the other hand, definitely should.

Information about the IT infrastructure of some companies can be found on the dark net. They can be found by people gathering information for the purpose of executing targeted cyberattacks that can penetrate and destroy the complete organizations infrastructure.

ESOF DarkSec

Your One Click Threat Intelligence Tool

Real Time Monitoring

  • Explore Dark Net Chat Rooms
  • Duplicate Domains/Websites
  • Fake Websites
  • Underground Networking
  • AI Botnets

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